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Our vision is that Business Modeling is essential to understand the B2B markets. Our goal is to provide to B2B markets a comprehensive framework to align Sales Forecasting, Target, and Funnel Management, through modeling, simulation, analytics, and online applications.

We all agree that innovations such as Artificial Intelligence are improving the performance of B2C markets by the use of Big Data and Deep Learning. But data are scarce in B2B markets.

Tau Dynamix designed a new approach.

With an accumulated experience of 80 years in Sales Management, Technology and Economics, Tau Dynamix is ready to provide new ways to approach B2B prediction needs, helping them to reach or even exceed their goals. The mission of Tau Dynamix is to help B2B customers to achieve the best sales management performance through the use of consistent practices and innovative applications. We’re the creator of the Sales Intelligent-Dynamics (SID) Alignment Framework and SID Online Align Toolkit.

Enjoy SID Online!

Press Release

Tau Dynamix launches SID Online at ERP Summit 2020

SaaS Solution makes B2B Sales Management simpler and more accurate through Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Fort Lauderdale, March 23, 2020. Tau Dynamix, a company based in Florida (USA) and developer of the Sales Management application SID Online, the only one developed specifically for the Business-to-Business (B2B) market that uses the same strategic indicators to align the objectives of Sales Forecasts, Targets and Funnel of Opportunities, will make its debut in the Brazilian market during the ERP Summit 2020, which takes place on July 29th and 30th, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo - SP (Brazil).

Tau Dynamix will demonstrate at Booth G18 how companies in the B2B markets can accurately determine their business objectives using SID Online. It allows sales management based on the quantitative sales profile and cycle extracted from CRM data, and followed by modeling, simulation and analysis processes, which generate consistent indicators and avoid false expectations and losses.

"SID Online is based on the Sales Intelligence-Dynamix (SID) framework, a cloud-based solution, capable of modeling the business profile of customers with privacy, accuracy and simplicity, using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science", explains Leonel da Luz , founding partner and president of Tau Dynamix. "The usefulness and precision of SID Online surprises with the innovation of making tacit sales knowledge explicit, which is further strengthened within a solid and consistent block of strategies and indicators.”

All the possibilities of SID Online and real examples of its benefits will be presented in two sessions of the ERP Summit 2020 congress on July 29th and 30th.

About Tau Dynamix

With over 50 years of accumulated experience in Business Management, Technology and Economics, Tau Dynamix is ​​ready to provide new ways to meet B2B Sales Planning, helping companies achieve or even exceed their goals, using consistent practices and innovative applications.